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Your right, think i do need to do a bit more research before i start. Reply With", 05:39 PM #13 Originally Posted by Massive123 Since you bumped my thread I'll chime

in First you'd be better off starting your own thread Second- there's no way to tell unless you try it's melting point. Knowing how to take Anavar is important to ensure your cycle is successful, and that the results you achieve are maintained post cycle. Originally Posted by, stoneColdNTO, it has about an 8 hour half life so it's best to split it up as evenly as possible. Var only cycle are for women only. That way your splitting the that 8 hours and the effect is O If you can remember to do it 3x daily and have the time, give it a shot but not sure it makes a big difference when it comes to Anavar (var) (since. Can you combine these two steroids? Plus i thought anavar doesn't shut it down completely Reply With", 02:33 PM #17 Yes that's what a post cycle therapy (pct) is for. Reply With", 03:47 PM #4 agree w/stone. Reply With", 11:15 AM #8, originally Posted by mistah187 No I never have. How effective is it to take, dbol followed by, anavar? I've had buds to tried taking things all at once and split throughout the day. Should I stack with Testosterone or Tbol. One oxandrolone mid morning and one @ one hour before you workout.

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I started yesterday and am running a lower dose until the anavar testosterone rest of my order arrives. I'm still kindda good with the twice a day thing? But surely any steroid can mess up your hormones, hence the post cycle therapy (pct) to restart it? (Forum for members to discuss the use of anabolic steroids). Glad that you plan to research anavar pills it more. Mistah I normally see anavars you contribute anapolon tablets a lot around here so don't think I'm just trying androlic tablets to flame you.

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You can take it twice a day, but if you are doing so, you allow your androlic body to metabolize some of the drug to its inactive form and prop lower blood levels, not keeping them anadrol quite as constant. But you don't want to be shut down (yes Anavar (var) shut you down) during the cycle. If you wanna do it, go ahead. I just try and take it every 12 hours (about 8am and 8 or 9pm). Originally Posted by scottroxx, i dunno about taking stuf before sleep, I have done this doing shows and find It wires me and can't sleep anadrol for like the first hour or so? Reply With", 12:55 PM #3. Start with.

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Would Anavar (var) WinstrolTest CYp be a masterone good cycle for a sprinter? I have found for best results with Anavar (var) for me 80mg a day is the magic number. The problem with splitting it up that much, is that the bioavailability tends to be lower. Reply With", 12:44 PM #2, it has about an 8 hour half masteron life so it's best to split it up as evenly as possible. Now, what I've found is that I prefer to take it spaced out and well before my heavy training periods (then take it just after) because usually with in 2-4 hours of taking it I get the increased vascularity and pump and sometimes that pump.

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The time now is 06:39. Reply With", tren 10:08 effect PM #5, thanks JayC. I personally steroids wouldn't tren do steroids something like that. LOL, That made steroid me laugh Reply With", 09:58 PM #14 Originally Posted by Massive123 Some posts say masteron take all before noon, others say they split it morning/night.