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Danazol This drug is used to treat endometriosis. Female sex hormones, desogestrel, estradiol, ethinylestradiol, levonorgestrel. Never delay or disregard seeking professional medical advice from your doctor or other qualified healthcare

provider because of something you have read on WebMD. The Most Highly Trained Physicians. You may have a harder time getting in shape, even if youre exercising. Leuprorelin, nafarelin, triptorelin, various forms of sex hormones and sex hormone antagonists (chemicals that block the release or action of hormones) are used to treat disorders in which there are abnormally high or low levels of sex hormones in the body. When given over a long period of time, gonadorelin analogues reduce production of these hormones. These opinions do not represent the opinions of WebMD. Hormones are your body s chemical messengers. Antiandrogens Some antiandrogens, such as finasteride, are used to treat an enlarged prostate gland ; others, such as flutamide, are used in the treatment of prostate cancer. Gonadorelin and gonadorelin analogues Gonadorelin is a synthesized version of a natural hormone called gonadotrophin-releasing hormone. Theres also an interesting evolutionary reaction from women, who may feel less attracted to their male partners with low T levels. They affect many processes including mood. How Growth Hormone Affects Men's Health. Athletes use growth hormone to help them recover from workouts and the rigors of practices and game day, said Romaniello. Gonadorelin analogues are prescribed for certain female reproductive disorders, such as endometriosis and female infertility. The male hormone testosterone is used to treat certain hormonal disorders in boys and men; male sex hormone antagonists called antiandrogens may also be necessary to block the action of testosterone. Too much or too little of a certain hormone can be serious. A common side effect of treatment with antiandrogens is tiredness.

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