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Testosterone : What It Is and How It Affects Your Health

Keep in mind that this is the master hormone that starts everything. Testosterone enanthate is best known for being an anabolic steroid, or as a muscle mass building substance, that

is abused by some athletes and body builders. This time of life is called puberty. Medically Reviewed by University of Illinois-Chicago, College of Medicine on August 26, 2016 Written by James Roland. So yeah, thats testosterone, but how it is actually produced in the body? Testosterone is, indeed, the key male sex hormone - but what exactly does it do, and should men worry about their levels getting lower as they grow older? Does the treatment have side effects? When it happens in your muscle tissue, youll get increased protein synthesis and muscle growth as a result. Heres what happens next:. Hormone Health Network breaks down what testosterone is and what it does. Sadly, most guys who start optimizing their natural testosterone production, dont really know how the hormone works and is produced in the first place. So pay close attention: What Actually is Testosterone, testosterone is the principal male sex steroid hormone. Testosterone levels are highest by age 20 to 30 and slowly go down after age 30. It can also cause behavioral changes, like increased irritability. What Does Testosterone Do? So what steroids is testosterone? Guess what happens when you stop using the exogenous T?

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