Role of testosterone


role of testosteroneIt can also indicate polycystic ovary syndrome, a condition that could affect fertility. It also regulates the secretion of luteinising hormone and follicle stimulating hormone. . Testosterone is necessary for normal

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Neuroleptic medications side effects

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neuroleptic medications side effectsDementia, amnesia, and loss of memory are some adverse effects. Psychoactive drugs can be classified into seven major categories. These systems or pathways include: Mesolimbic-mesocortical pathway, nigrostriatal pathway, find a

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Neuroleptics side effects

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neuroleptics side effectsAlthough antidepressants are not FDA-approved specifically to treat adhd, antidepressants are sometimes used to treat adhd in adults. Symptoms like delusions usually go away within a few weeks, but the

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Neuroleptic drugs side effects

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neuroleptic drugs side effectsIt had been hoped that patient adherence to antipsychotics would be higher with the atypicals, but a 2008 review found that the data have failed to substantiate the notion that

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Neuroleptic medication


neuroleptic medicationThese symptoms cannot be related to a non-neuroleptic medication, or a psychiatric condition, such as Parkinson's disease, Wilson's disease, neuroleptic malignant syndrome, or substance withdrawal. In addition, many patients experiencing

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Neuroleptic drugs

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neuroleptic drugsPeople diagnosed with bipolar disorder are often prescribed an atypical antipsychotic, such as Zyprexa, and those drugs regularly cause people to put on the pounds. Fourth: All this convinces the

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