What are antipsychotics

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what are antipsychoticsGenitourinary (Urinary and Reproductive) Effects: Impotence, delayed and premature ejaculation, testicular swelling, priapism, increased or decreased libido, virginal itching, enuresis, polyuria, breast engorgement, galactorrhea, and anorgasmia have been reported. OCD

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What are antipsychotics used to treat

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what are antipsychotics used to treatWhat is the major common side effect. "Through the collaborative efforts of clinicians and researchers across the country, we have now found that the practices used to treat people with

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What are antipsychotic drugs

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what are antipsychotic drugsBecause of its ephemeral nature, an abuser will often attempt to extend the high by perpetually inhaling the chemicals. Antipsychotic drugs are the best treatment for schizophrenia right now, but

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How much are steroids


how much are steroidsSteroids put a lot of stress on the body and every time you inject or swallow them, theres a chance something can go very wrong. If someones ffmi is between

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