Common antipsychotics

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common antipsychoticsHepatic (Liver) Effects: These agents increase the serum concentration of alkaline aminotransferase. These older drugs are often called typical or first-generation antipsychotics. Newer atypical antipsychotics also have the potential to

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Depot antipsychotics

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depot antipsychoticsThis factsheet was produced by the Royal College of Psychiatrists' Public Education Editorial Board. The best thing is to weigh up the benefits and risks of the different medications with your psychiatrist.

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Antipsychotics medication

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antipsychotics medicationSome drugs are very potent and the doctor may prescribe a low dose. Antipsychotics are drugs that are used to treat symptoms of psychosis such as delusions (for example, hearing

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What are antipsychotics

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what are antipsychoticsGenitourinary (Urinary and Reproductive) Effects: Impotence, delayed and premature ejaculation, testicular swelling, priapism, increased or decreased libido, virginal itching, enuresis, polyuria, breast engorgement, galactorrhea, and anorgasmia have been reported. OCD

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What are antipsychotics used to treat

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what are antipsychotics used to treatWhat is the major common side effect. "Through the collaborative efforts of clinicians and researchers across the country, we have now found that the practices used to treat people with

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Antipsychotics drugs

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antipsychotics drugsDrug trials have shown that, for people with Alzheimer's disease, antipsychotic drugs can have a small but significant beneficial effect on aggression and, to a lesser extent, psychosis (delusions and

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Antipsychotics side effects

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antipsychotics side effectsCheck your email to download the PDF file. Speak to your GP or psychiatrist if you want a heart check up before you start taking antipsychotics. Daily dose (mg) Chlorpromazine

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How do antipsychotics work

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how do antipsychotics workNo routine blood tests for any of the group except clozapine. When we talk about providing good care, what do we really mean? The "Atypicals" have benefit for mood disorders

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Which antipsychotics cause least weight gain

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which antipsychotics cause least weight gainThe most worrying problem at the moment is that through compulsory treatment orders or other means it is becoming more and more difficult for people put on antipsychotics to get

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Types of antipsychotics

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types of antipsychoticsHowever, the medication may or may not affect the baby depending s on the medication and when it is taken. Alteration in electrocardiogram (ECG) readings, chest pain, angina, myocarditis, palpitation

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Antipsychotics weight gain

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antipsychotics weight gainIt has been suggested that obesity among women residing in the.S. Cariprazine (Vraylar the precise mechanism by which cariprazine works for schizophrenia is unknown. However, the difference between women's average

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Antipsychotics and weight gain

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antipsychotics and weight gain(2002) Antipsychotic-induced weight gain and therapeutic response: a differential association. Am J Psychiatry 162: PubMed 162. The Olanzipine hggw Study Group. Based on the evidence from placebo controlled and active

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Low dose antipsychotics


low dose antipsychoticsTwo small studies (total n 9) have reported clinical effectiveness at occupancies lower than 75 ( Kapur et al, 1996 ; Hirschowitz et al, 1997 ). This document summarises the

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Side effects antipsychotics

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side effects antipsychoticsDevinsky O, Pacia. These effects result from the effect of prolactin on the breast tissue and prolactin-related disruption of the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonal axis.58 Long-term consequences of prolonged hyperprolactinemia are unknown. Lindenmayer

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New antipsychotics

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new antipsychoticsWhether it is the drugs or whether it is receiving psychotherapy, or a combination, Im not sure. The atypical antipsychotics are a group of antipsychotic drugs used to treat psychiatric.

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